Pilot Twin Channel LPG Alarm 12v


Pilot Twin Channel LPG Alarm

Product Description

A Pilot twin channel gas alarm is an important and cost effective item of safety equipment wherever gas or other dangerous vapours may be present in the environment.

However good a gas or engine installation may be there can be occasions when either a due to mechanical failure or human error, a potentially lethal leak may occur. Many of the vapours present on boats and in caravans such as butane, propane and petrol are heavier than air, meaning even a small leak can soon build up to dangerous proportions in the bilge of a boat or in an inadequately ventilated caravan.

Pilot gas alarms are not fitted with an on / off switch as they are designed to be permanently on whenever the master switch is activated. The Pilot gas alarm also has a built in test feature to ensure the system works correctly. The Pilot twin channel gas alarm control box is supplied complete with two detector heads with 3.5 metres of cable per detector head plus installation and operating instructions.

The Pilot gas alarm requires a 12V DC power supply and consumes 100 milliamps standby, 210 milliamps with both alarms sensing. An internal fuse protects the gas alarm circuit and sophisticated fault detection circuitry warns of low supply voltage, detector failure, disconnection or short circuit.


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