1KG Powder Fire Extinguisher 8A 55B


1KG Powder Fire Extinguisher 8A 55B

Product Description

The 1Kg Powder Fire Extinguisher 8A 55B is approved for Inland Waterways, our fire extinguishers offer quality and competitively priced dry powder fire extinguishers. Dry powder is a highly versatile medium for tackling most types of fires; extremely effective on electrical hazards, flammable liquids and gases making them suitable for marine fires. Unlike gaseous systems dry powder will leave a residue, however, unless used in an enclosed space like an engine room, gases disperse too quickly to be effective on material fires.

● Pull-pin safety removal for discharge
● Multi-purpose application
● Gauges on all models
● Squeeze grip operation
● Corrosion resistant finish
● Brass valves & steel levers
● LPCB to BS EN3 (where applicable*)
● Complete with bracket
Our range of portable fire extinguishers have been independently tested and marked by LPCB, the Loss Prevention Certification Board to BS EN3. LPCB is an accredited certifying body of the inland waterways, please see www.boatsafetyscheme.com for more
information. (*En3 is not appropriate for the 800g extinguisher which has been tested to BS5423.)
Fire Extinguisher Applications
A Fires involving solid material such as wood and textiles
B Fires involving liquids e.g. petrol, oil, fat, paints
C Fires involving electrical equipment (no rating attached)

Additional information

Weight 2075 g


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