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Since the 1880’s to the present day, the Rylard brand has been synonymous with high quality marine finishes and many customers looking to spruce up their boat for the new season come to us for their Rylard paint.

Rylard Plus – Enamel and Undercoat 750ml tins

A classic, high-gloss, conventional boat enamel for general purpose use above the waterline both internal and external. Plus Enamel has excellent application qualities, flowing easily beneath the brush.

It is available in a range of colours. These colours are fully intermixable should further shades be required. Plus Enamel is dry to the touch within 3 to 4 hours of application, has good resistance to heat, and will also withstand splashes of oil and diesel.

For best performance, Plus Enamel should be applied over Plus Enamel Undercoat

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

Navy Blue, Mercedes Red, British Racing Green, Jasmine, Oxford Blue, Royal Blue, Nile Blue, Smalt, Anchusa Blue, Montego, Maroon, Crimson, Signal Red, Pirate Red, Post Service Red, Union Canal Green, Yacht Green, Dolphin Green, Black, Meadow Green, Magnolia, White, Golden Yellow, Light Battleship Grey, Silver Fox, Cream


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